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We at Aveoceo provide opportunities for global advertisers, brands and publishers of all sizes and verticals to grow their businesses online.


What we offer


Advertising on Facebook

We are convinced that there is no business whose clients are not on social networks. Advertising to Facebook's multi-million audience will allow you to acquire new clients, increase sales tenfold and grow your business.

Advertising on TikTok

The fastest growing and most popular network of 2022. TikTok has been called the second Google. Now your customers aren't turning to standard searchers to find the product they want. They're looking for it on TikTok.

Advertising on Google

One of the advantages of Google Ads is the ability to show ads to an audience that is ready to buy, which means the conversion rate of such ads is high. The advertising platform covers the entire search and media network on the Internet.

our skills



We've been in business in a variety of industries and know how advertising works in any vertical.


We specialize in bringing in leads for your business at minimal cost.


We take into consideration the needs, adapt and provide the most suitable solution depending on the product.

Hands on

We are involved in our work and focused on results.


Our team has been doing affiliate marketing for years and helping absolutely any kind of business grow..


We ourselves develop a strategy to promote your business and bring you customers. You don't have to do anything.



iShop market

  • Increased sales by 6,700%
  • Increased traffic by 901%
  • Return on ad spendby x4.2



Spa/beauty salon

  • Increased sales by 6,900%
  • Increased traffic by 955%
  • Return on ad spendby x5



Pizza bar

  • Increased sales by 6,600%
  • Increased traffic by 800%
  • Return on ad spendby x4.1



Clothes shop

  • Increased sales by 6,500%
  • Increased traffic by 921%
  • Return on ad spendby x3.9



WHO WE are

About Us

We are innovators. In our work, we do not meet with routine because we always act based on the specific situation and the wishes of customers. With this approach, we are changing the rules of the game. Therefore, we feel proud of every campaign that we have put our efforts into. We are AveoCeo.

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Artem Sheludiakov

Executive Director


Traffic Team Leader


Biz Dev Manager



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